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Letitia Booth is a talented and industry recognised hair stylist and colourist with a career spanning over twenty-five years. Growing up in NZ, her mother (also a hairdresser) inspired Letitia to begin her apprenticeship. Since then she’s worked in New Zealand, Australia and the UK as a salon manager, educator, fashion runway and session stylist and an editorial creative.

Letitia offers a salon experience for those who prefer it, but is flexible when it comes to location. Letitia brings her clients the very best of her well-honed skills coupled with an abiding love of her craft. She’s equally at home creating a dream wedding experience for a bridal party, an edgy editorial spread or a sleek style and colour for every day.


Highly skilled and dedicated to perfection, Letitia welcomes you to her salon space where she brings her warm personality, bespoke colouring and precision cutting skills together to create some amazing results. Each appointment begins with a thorough consultation, allowing you to explore alternatives and options. Whether you go for a bold new look, or keep the status quo, you’re in excellent hands.


Letitia creates beautiful memories as she takes your bridal dreams and turns them into reality. Stunning styles for brides and their entourage, all done with impeccable attention to detail. As simple or as ornate as you wish, Letitia can create the perfect style for you, your attendants and your family. It’s your day, it’s what you want, it’s all possible.

Special event styling

Extending well beyond the blow dry, Letitia’s extensive skills can also be applied to special event hair for a myriad of occasions. She’ll use her talents to put together the perfect look for race days, formals, balls, awards nights, charity events and any other situation where a special ‘do’ is required. She can also arrange a make-up artist to attend the salon so you can complete your beauty preparations in-house.


Letitia continues her stellar editorial career, creating bold, sumptuous looks for her clients. Her innate sense of style, incredible skill set and dedication to beauty make for some jaw dropping results which have seen her awarded and acknowledged as a leading talent in the industry. Her work has appeared in Fashion Journal, Lucy's, Black Magazine, Vulkan, JUTE Magazine, Elegant, Laud, Cake, To Tendencias Lookbook, Headway and Spaghetti.

Letitia has worked behind the scenes at Mercedes Benz fashion week since 2009, recent years include Manning Cartell in 2016, Galanni in 2015, Costarella in 2014 and Hair Expo in 2013. In 2014 she worked on both The Voice and The Voice Kids for Channel 9. She was Hair Director for Episode 6 of Project Runway in 2011 and is an experienced producer and director of hair expositions and fashion photo shoots.

While Letitia loves the excitement of fashion shoots, the drama of fashion shows, and the challenge of competitions, her ongoing salon works keeps her grounded, focused and close to her craft. She’s full of energy, passionate about beauty and hair, and loves to give back to her community by training, mentoring and supporting those new to the industry.

If you asked Letitia, she’d name her career highlights as the world she’s inhabiting now, styling brides and regular clients, working on editorial photoshoots and meeting other creatives. There’s no doubt she’s as passionate about her craft today as she was when she entered her Mum’s salon in 1989.